Best MODX Website Award
presented by Kjell Lutz

The award ceremony for the first-ever Best MODX Website Award.

Currently only people who bought an in-person or online ticket have exclusive access to the MODXpo 2022 videos and full stream replay.

Buy an online ticket to get immediate access

Videos will be made public for all to watch on or around August 15, 2022.

If you don't have access despite having bought a ticket and being logged in, please email support.

At the event, we accidentally cut Ryan's announcement of the winner a bit short out of excitement. We've fixed that to how it was intended in the video.

The video is a mix of the live stream, and the recording of the Zoom call for the top 3. In some cases the Zoom recording offered a better view, despite being in a lower quality. Unfortunately the zoom call did have some lag as well, and the sound isn't as crisp.

Below is also a playlist with all the individual videos we showed on screen. If you want a copy of the video for the sites you submitted, or have questions about the ranking, please email support. 

MODXpo 2022 was made possible with help from our partners