MODXpo 2022 Videos

The 2022 edition of the international MODXpo conference was streamed live on July 8th, 2022. You can watch the full 8+ hour replay here, or find the individual talks below.

Full live stream

The full live stream includes the breaks, a few delays here and there, and automatic captions. Note that the chapters allow you to skip to the start of each talk within the stream.

Unless you want to watch the full linear schedule and see what goes on throughout a MODXpo, the individual sessions below will be a better watch.

Currently only people who bought an in-person or online ticket have access to the MODXpo 2022 videos. Buy an online ticket to get immediate access.

Videos will be made public on or around August 15, 2022.

Individual sessions

The videos for individual sessions below have been lightly edited. Any delays caused by setting up or technical issues have been removed, and it fast-forwards through group discussions to keep the videos to the point.

Captions (English) are included - we'll continue to correct the captions for videos marked as "Auto" over the coming week or two to make them more accurate and useful.

Presenter Session Length Captions
Kjell Lutz Welcome 6:59 Corrected
Pauline Vos Never stop learning, or how curiosity and cross pollination drives innovation 46:57


Kjell Lutz MODX Quiz 26:24 Corrected
Mirjam Aulbach Treat yourself - a tale about dog training and test driven development 1:04:16 Auto
Kjell Lutz Brainstorm: what's the next big thing that should come to MODX? 9:57 Corrected
Kjell Lutz / Mark Hamstra Best MODX Website Award 2022 28:55 Corrected
Benjamin Davis It's just a matter of time 29:43 Auto
Derick Rethans Updates to the PHP Type System from PHP 7.4-8.1
43:18 Auto
Ryan Thrash / Jason Coward
Founders Fireside Forum
51:54 Auto
Thomas Jakobi
MODX Templates with Tailwind & Alpine.js
25:57 Auto
Mark Hamstra
New in Commerce 1.3 + Closing with Kjell
20:01 Auto


The one and only MODXpo 2022 aftermovie. Experience the vibe of the conference and a snapshot of the event in just 11m52! Can also be found on YouTube.