Sunday, September 21st 2014, Front-end Track

Responsive Madness by Gernot Ebenlechner

Learn about the transition to Zurb's latest Foundation 5 framework in creating, maintaining, and updating elaborate responsive MODX sites.

Git & Git Flow by Job van der Voort

How do you use Git, and what is Git Flow? How does the workflow change when using GitHub or GitLab? Job will tell you all about it.

Rapid MODX Workflow by Menno Pietersen

How to speedup, optimise and develop MODX projects using Gulp, SASS, Browser-Sync, Element Helper and Static Elements.

How to Simplify Site Setups by Susan Ottwell

Susan will explain how you can simplify site setup and customisation using some interesting scripts and add-ons. These tips and techniques will help individual and freelance MODX developers, but also larger development teams dealing with more complex and larger deployments.

Content-first Webdesign, ContentBlocks & Style Guides by Hugo Peek

Building a website nowadays is all about taking shortcuts. But what about content and design? In this session I want to explore how ContentBlocks and a solid styleguide can completely replace your wireframing tools, and maybe even Photoshop!

Building Sites with ContentBlocks by Christian Seel

Come learn about how you can use ContentBlocks and some of its more advanced features to build awesome sites.

Ask the Experts

In the final Ask the Experts session, people had the opportunity to fire all their questions at the expert panel consisting of Mark Willis, Graeme Leighfield, John Peca and Mark Hamstra.

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