Saturday, September 20th 2014

Welcome by Mark Hamstra

To kick things off, Mark (briefly) opens the conference with some practical information and announcements for the audience.

Empowered Community by John Peca

The keynote by MODX Senior Developer John Peca about getting involved with MODX and making a difference.

Do we have to reinvent the wheel? by Vasilis van Gemert

The web is weird. We don't know what size the browser of our visitors will be, and we don't know how they will control our work. This requires a flexible kind of thinking, which seems to be unnatural for many designers. In this talk, Vasilis will look at some other disciplines that have been working with flexible canvases or unclear environments, to see what we can learn from them.

Multichannel Content Management by Chris Cherrett

Using MODX we can enable our clients to take full advantage of multiple channels like apps, social media and EPOS, helping them determine how, when and where content appears using one simple philosophy – “Create Once, Publish Everywhere”. In this session we’ll explore how we can truly utilising MODX as a content management system and not just a web publishing tool.

Selling MODX & Training your Client by Graeme Leighfield

Based on Graeme's experience running a small business, this talk will go into two different-but-related subjects. First of all how to sell MODX to prospective clients and secondly how to effectively train those clients on using MODX once their site goes live. Filled with examples and practical tips.

High Availability by Mark Willis

Continuing where colleague Chris Cherrett left off at MODXpo 2013, Mark Willis will talk about a possible workflow for building and maintaining MODX sites on a high availability platform.

Lightning Talks

5 minutes and 2 questions. That's all the time speakers will get to talk to you about MODX tools, web technologies, open source initiatives and a lot more subjects during the Lightning Talks session. Get a quick insight on numerous subjects.

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